Our sake is cloudy, but our thoughts are pure.  Brewery of the sake "Shirakawago" and "Tesshin" and "Kessen Sekigahara" since 1837
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Brewery introduction

Established in Ogaki, the Water Capital, in 1837, the brewery produced sake for the Toda area.
The mainstay of MiwaShuzo, the Shirakawago Junmai Nigorizake, was first produced at the request of the Shirakawa village, now a world cultural heritage site for its rafted roof houses, to be gifts of o-miki (sake offerings in shrines) for the Doburoku Festival.

The idea was to make a ‘Doburoku’ product as close to that served at the Doburoku Festival to make the townspeople happy.
To do this, pure rice was used and an exceptional sake with a Japanese sake ‘do’ (a standard measure of sweetness/dryness) of minus 25 was created.

Company information

The sake storehouse, a national tangible cultural asset